For the past ten years, I have explored the idea of a Personal Identity. I wondered the connection between an individual and the world, hoping to find a common thread among identities. 

In the process, I examined the influence of perception. How perception of oneself and the perception of others influence one’s determination in the world. Perception based on body and memory, an individual identifies in relation to others and acquires a sense of belonging. This sense of belonging encourages individuals to preserve an identity, in expectation of maintaining an attachment to others.

Yet, our body is impermanent, and our memory is an abstracted fiction. Perhaps, one’s effort to sustain an identity is futile. Through my research, I ponder if one’s identity, in its essence, is innocent and pure from the influence of perception. I found that this state of being connects all individuals. 

In my recent series, Innocence in Silence, by pairing an image of a shirt with an individual’s obituary, I presented the traces of a body and the memory of a personhood; Once used as an expression of individuality and a representation of self, the images and descriptions now remain as a relic and history. It is a reminder of the ultimate vacancy of our body, the influence of perception, the preservation of an identity and the void of being. I question audiences how they perceive others and oneself.


Jieun Beth (b. Texas) was born in the U.S. and lived in twelve different cities, diverse influences motivating her artistic direction. She graduated with her MFA in Studio Art at the University of Texas at Austin in 2013 and received her BFA in Painting at the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2009. She explores the idea of Personal identity and examines the influence of the body, memory and transience of life on the understanding of one’s identity. She is the Exhibit Coordinator at the Austin Central Library.

In 2017, her works have been part of multiple group shows nationally and internationally, including New York City, Austin, and Bulgaria. Her collaborative public art project, "The Dwelling", was fulfilled by the City of Austin’s Culture Alive grant at the Elisabet Ney Museum in Austin, TX and the project was relocated to Colorado Spring, CO in 2018. Her Solo shows were exhibited at the Czong Institute of Contemporary Art in Seoul, South Korea, at the Big Medium in Austin, TX , and Midland Community College in Midland, TX in 2018. Her upcoming shows will be at the Collection Rert in Austin, TX and at the ARTIFACT gallery in New York, NY in 2020.



 2010-2013 UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS-AUSTIN, Austin, TX: MFA, Discipline: Studio Art

2006-2009 SAVANNAH COLLEGE OF ART AND DESIGN, Savannah, GA: BFA, Major: Painting, Minor: Art History                                                                                                          



Untitled,ARTIFACT Gallery, New York, NY                                                                                        (Forthcoming)


What Remains, Rise and Fall, Collection Rert Gallery, Austin, TX                                                                                                        (Forthcoming)


Saying Goodbye Every Day, McCormick Gallery, Midland, TX

Innocence in Silence, Czong Institute for Contemporary Art, Seoul, South Korea

Innocence in Silence, Big Medium, Austin, TX                                                               


BEING by Jieun Beth, Texas A&M International University, Laredo, TX                                                     

Being, Pop-up: Gallery du Jour, Austin, TX

I Am, Asian American Resource Center, Austin, TX



Archive, Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, OH


The Leftovers, Rert Gallery, Austin, TX

Selfies & Self-Portraits, Viridian Artist Inc., New York, NY

Naughty Girls, De Stijl Gallery, Austin, TX                                                                                             

The Dwelling, Elisabet Ney Museum, Austin, TX                                                 

7th Mixed Media Exhibition, Lessedra Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

30 Under 30, Viridian Artists Inc., New York, NY                                                           


Botanica,Bedford Gallery, Oakland, CA                                                                                   

100%, George Carver Museum, Austin, TX        


The Center Welcomes You…, Vermont Studio Center Studio, Johnson, VT


Something Lost, Trinity University, San Antonio, TX                                                                   

5, Visual Art Center, Austin, TX          

Something Lost, N Space, Austin, TX 

Out of Bounds, McCormick Gallery, Midland, TX


Artist Self-Portrait, Zhou B. Gallery, Chicago, IL                                                                        

Wet Paint, Zhou B. Gallery, Chicago, IL


Autoportrait,Marseille Project Gallery, Marseille, France                                                             

Carnarl Curtsies, M.E.A.T Gallery, Savannah, GA          


Naked, 2 Car Garage Gallery, Savannah, GA 

Vernissage,Blue Gallery, Lacoste, France 


Small Work Exhibition, Red Gallery, Savannah, GA                                                         

Vernissage,Blue Gallery, Lacoste, France 


August 2014 Vermont Studio Center, Johnston, VT                                                                                                   

March 2013 Midland Community College, Midland, TX                                                                                            

Winter 2009 Savannah College of Art and Design, Lacoste, France                                                                               

 Summer 2008 Savannah College of Art and Design, Lacoste, France                                                                              


 2017 Cultures Alive, Austin, TX                                                                                                                 

 2016 Community Initiative Program Grant, Austin, TX                                                                                   

 2010-2013 Graduate Program Scholarship, Austin, TX                                                                                                     

 2011 Zhou B. Spirit Award from National Juried Wet Paint, Chicago, IL                                                            

2010 David Price Endowed Presidential Scholarship, Austin, TX                                                                       

 2006-2009 Combined Honor Scholarship, Savannah, GA                                                                                        


Summer 2015, 2016 Beili Liu, Origin/Migration                                                                                                                 

Summer 2013 Leonard Lehrer,Studio Assistant                                                                                                          


Pierson, Jefferson,, October 

Summer 2017 Studio Visit Magazine, Summer 2017                                                                                                

2015 Dugan, Kelly, Peachfuzz Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 2                                                                             

June 2013 Greenwood, Caitlin, Something Lost, Austin Chronicle                                                                             

February 2013 Moriack, Meredith, Out of Bounds, Midland Reporter                                                                               

March 2009 D.LL., Vernissage, La Provence                                                                                                           


Sep 2019-Present  CITY OF AUSTIN-CENTRAL LIBRARY, Austin, TX: Exhibit Coordinator, Art Curator

Aug 2016-Sep 2018 CITY OF AUSTIN-ASIAN AMERICAN RESOURCE CENTER, Austin, TX: Culture and Arts Education Specialist, Youth and Teen Programs                                             

Spring 2016 ST. EDWARD’S UNIVERSITY, Austin, TX: Adjunct Professor, Drawing I                                                                                        

2015-2016 UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS-AUSTIN, Austin, TX: Adjunct Professor, 2D Design, Beginning Drawing, Drawing Foundation                                                                            

 Spring 2014 SOUTHWEST SCHOOL OF ART, San Antonio, TX: Adjunct Faculty, Adult Community Painting Class                                                                              

 2010-2012 UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS-AUSTIN, Austin, TX: Teaching Assistant, Advanced Ceramics, Painting-I, II, III, IV and Intro to Metals and Jewelry        


2018-preset GREATER AUSTIN ASIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, Austin, TX: Marketing Committee Member

2018-present ARTLY WORLD, Austin, TX: Advisory Board                                                                               

2015-2017 CITY OF AUSTIN-CULTURAL ART DIVISION, Austin, TX: Committee Member                         

2013-2014 COMMUNITIES IN SCHOOL - AMERICORPS, Austin, TX: Mentor/Tutor                                        

March 2013 MIDLAND COMMUNITY COLLEGE, Midland, TX: Visiting Artist: Community Project                             

Spring 2010 LIVINGSTONE ACADEMY, Kathmandu, Nepal:Volunteer Instructor and Muralist                                               

This project is funded and supported in part by the City of Austin through the Economic Growth & Redevelopment 
Services Office/Cultural Arts Division believing an investment in the Arts is an investment in Austin’s future.